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As a seasoned educator, I have relished in the moments to teach again.  However, I did not think it would come to fruition in this manner.  We left for a family vacation that has been planned for over a year on March 6th knowing that Asia and parts of Europe were dealing with the Corona Virus.  As events started to unfold, we started making plans for changes when we would arrive home.  Then, we couldn't get home.  What was going to be a Friday departure ended being a Tuesday departure with all new custom protocols, including possible temperature checking.  Additionally, while out of the country, our amazing governor enacted wise precautions ranging from restaurant guidelines, gathering limits, and closure of schools for two weeks.  My mind began racing with possible learning opportunities for my 11-year-old son.  I started to dream about hooking up to the airstream and venturing off until I truly understood the impact this virus could have on him.  He was born with bronchial issues